When Giving an Audio Interview, How Much of it is Scripted?

How much of my audio interview is scripted? When I give an audio interview, it means that another person is asking the questions. I’m the one giving the interview. They have all the questions ready for me, so they are most likely scripted. We didn’t create a script together.

Although my answers are not pre-written, I have bullets of what I will say. I don’t write everything out. However, I give myself guidelines and ideas about what I can say to keep the conversation on track. It’s hard to focus for three hours while giving a live seminar. Although it’s easy to do, I don’t want my audience to lose their focus, especially when the teleseminar is live. If it’s live, there is no way to fix. Bullet points are a way to keep my thoughts organized and ensure that I don’t make a mistake. They help me stay on track and keep me focused on the topic at hand without making it sound like I’m writing a script.

So I prepared and have bullets and key points I can refer to. I am not reading a complete script. I am just looking at bullets and ideas to keep up with the conversation without getting too off-topic. In my audio interviews, I don’t actually use scripts.

Source By Michael Senoff

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