Video Blog – Music compositions (using sampled audio) – Tuesday October 6, 2020 (past midnight)

Video recording devices used:
Primary: NeXttech A4 – 640×480 (IR/UV modified), false colours.
Secondary: Logitech Quickcam (model unknown) 352×288, orange-red hue.
Tertiary: Intel CS-110 (Easy PC camera) – 352×288 at 1 fps, blue-green hue.

Music equipment used:
Keyboard: Casio CTK-3000 (sampling at 8 KHz, 8-bit mono, 1.5 seconds)

Video/Audio recording software, video specifics: OBS Studio 26.0.0, 1440×1440 at 30 fps (lossless h.264).

NOTE: If you *don’t like what you are watching/seeing/hearing/reading*, it is best to press ctrl-shift-delete (command shift delete on mac), select “from the beginning/since installation/everything” and click Clear Data. Then press Alt-F4 or command Q on a mac.
On an android device: Clear private data, then hit the task switch soft/hard key, swipe left/right or hit “close all”, or close the tab in the browser.
On apple/iOS: Clear private data, then swipe up (or press and hold home button), swipe up again to close the browser, AFTER closing the active tab.
Feature/older devices: Menu ▶ Close/exit.

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