Timely & Lucrative Audio Interview Ideas

Lucrative may be a different thing to someone else.

There are millions upon millions of niches, products, and topics.

It is a niche that I specialize in, the internet marketing crowd, copywriting, and niche marketing.

Copywriting niche. If you ask ten people in the street “What is copywriting?” I guarantee that at least one of them will know.

Although my niche is small, there are many niches. My niche is small, but I love business opportunities. You know the saying, “Catch and feed a man a fish for a day.” You teach a man how to fish and he will eat for his entire life.

You can sell a business opportunity that will make you money or a system that will help you provide for your family. Many people are looking for this. Business opportunities are what I love. HMA Marketing Consulting System is one of my main products. This is an excellent business opportunity. You will learn how to become a marketing consultant. If you apply it and follow it through, you can make a good living consulting in marketing. It’s a quick way to get started.

These types of products are very valuable and it is great to use audio interviews, expert interview and testimonial interviews to promote them.

You might also be interested in business opportunities.

My recordings are not necessarily business opportunities, but information trainings. Although copywriting is a potential business opportunity, there are skills such as negotiation, copywriting, sales scripting, and how to get referrals. These are all skills type interviews that will result in more money for you.

My niche, business skills, and business opportunities have all been very successful for me. This is why I recommend that you stick with it. Also, consider the margins for information products. What price could they be sold for?

Businesses are more likely to be sold for higher margins. These opportunities will be more expensive. A million dollars will be the price that people will pay. I’m not sure how much a McDonald’s franchise costs. They might be two to three million or more, but they will pay a million for Subway. Everyday, franchises are sold. These things can be purchased for fifty, sixty or seventy dollars.

People believe that the franchise will support them for their entire lives when they buy them. This is why I would be open to something with a high margin. Audio can be a great way to sell expensive items such as that.

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