Thinking About Adding Audio to Your Website?

We I’d say that’s pretty good thinking!

Let’s face it, in every situation, multitasking is essential. We are so bombarded with everyday tasks that we’ve all had to figure out some form of multitasking, in order to survive!

We all want fast, easy to understand information, and we need to be able to get that info while multitasking. How many times have you read a book, while completing another task….can’t think of any can you, because it never happens, as reading requires our full attention in order to absorb the information ( for most of us anyways), and in this crazy multitasking generation, who has the time anymore to really enjoy a good read? Not many of us.

So, how can you get your information to your clients, while they are multitasking on other priorities?…by having them listen to what you are saying, rather then reading it. And because people retain more by listening, you can maximize the amount of info in a minimal amount of time. Your client can get pages of written info, in a quick persuasive 30 second audio clip! Now that’s efficient.

It has been proven over and over again, that having audio on your website sales page, will increase conversation rates and increase the visitor lengths as well. So if you’re getting a ton of traffic coming to the site, but no one is buying and they’re all leaving in less than 5 seconds, then something’s obviously wrong.

Having a professional voice over artist dictate your words, in a professional, informative, friendly way to your clients, will ensure what you need to say, will be heard. It’s really a very affordable way to add flare to your website, and get those conversation rates up!

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re site needs to retain its visitors, other wise, all that money you invested into building it will be a waste.

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