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The area south of Leeds station has been rebranded “temple”, probably because of “Temple works”, an iconic Mill building in the style of an Egyptian temple. Previously this area was just called Holbeck – which is a district of Leeds.

I went for a sunset photoshoot, to capture the Architecture and also record the masses of new building going on in the area.

I first knew of Holbeck around the year 2000, when I worked in Marshalls Mill. There was very little to report down there, other than a red light district and an annoying 15-minute walk into the city through quite a scary dark Arches area.

This has completely changed now, with a totally new Skyline in the area. The South entrance to the train station transformed The Fortunes of the dark Arches. A general gentrification of the Holbeck area is taking place

I managed to park next to the midnight Bell and Crosskeys pubs, so the journey starts here with a view over the stream that gives Holbeck its name.

Most of these photos are taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV, with a 24mm tilt Shift lens.

With it being such a lovely calm day I managed to get great reflections in the “Leeds Liverpool canal”, all these photos are on the south side of the train station, you can See the bridge over the canal.

On the Far Side of the train viaduct there is a small, white curved Footbridge from which you can get this classic view over the city. The trees on either side of the bank really are taking hold now, so it feels a little like you are in the countryside, Looking In.

Over the bridge I joined Whitehall Road.

this is a mixed residential and commercial area, with a brand new development called Riverside West, and an almost-complete complex called Wellington Place. Both have gone up recently and seem to be pretty busy.

Next to Riverside West both the Leeds Liverpool canal and the River Aire pass under some large Bridges. From the bridge, I took this photograph of the canal as it enters the centre. The old brick viaduct is no longer in use but was part of the old Leeds central station apparently.

the building you can see just to the left of this photograph is known as “No 1”, “26 Whitehall Rd” – it is one of the regional developments down there and has a very distinctive box like quality. as you can see I was on the wrong side for the sunset, so had to settle for some detailed photographs with the colourful clouds to one side.

For the final leg of the journey I swapped to the 70 to 200 lens so I could get some “detail images”, there wasn’t a lot going on with the sunset by this point, so it was worth changing.

These last few images are from Globe Road, which links you to the Water Lane area, following the path of the canal.

It’s definitely an area worth visiting with a camera. Maybe do it in pairs because you occasionally do get some “interesting” characters milling around.

As you can see there is a mix of old Victorian architecture and brand new. You also have train and Canal transport to throw into the mix. A bit of something for everyone

I would suggest that the light is better in winter because the sun sets in a very different position!


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