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Blogging – Are You Exposing Yourself To Legal Liabilities?

In November 2006, Blogging Asia: A Windows Live Report released by Microsoft’s MSN and Windows Live Online Services Business revealed that 46% or nearly half of the online population have a blog [Blogging Phenomenon Sweeps Asia available at PRNewswire.com]. Blogging…

How Long Should Your Audio Interview Be?

How long should an interview be? It should be as long as it has to get the job done. Most of my interviews are between thirty minutes and ninety minutes. Most of them will fall in between an hour after they’re edited.…

Everything About Video Blogging, or Vblogging

It had to happen. First blogging – weblogging – catches on like wildfire, and everyone is posting their thoughts, tirades, or just minutiae online in their own blogs. Then podcasting came around – the equivalent of blogging in audio form.…

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