Seven Ways to Maximize the Marketing Potential of Your Audio Interview With an Expert

You’ve found the expert. You’ve conducted the interview.

If you’ve done your homework right, you should now have in your possession, information that your clients want to hear.

But how best can you make that information work for you?

The answer lies in recognizing the enormous potential for self-promotion that the interview holds. A positive experience for the listener – both in terms of content and delivery – reflects well on your business.

So follow these seven steps and go all out to create one.

Make sure you edit the interview. People don’t want to listen to the “ums” and “ahs” and boring bits that form part of everyday conversation. Get rid of them.

Add an introduction to that audio. People want to know what they are about to listen to. So let them know who is doing the interview, who you are interviewing, and what is the listener going to hear. An introduction puts everything into perspective.

Promote your products at different points in the interview. Let’s face it, if you’re interview is any good, people will be listening. Don’t miss these opportunities. Insert “calls to action” at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the interview.

Upload your best work to iTunes. I have over 200 interviews on that site. When people download my interviews, they see that I am the artist and are given the URL of my website. It’s a great gateway to new potential customers.

Make sure you insert an ID3 tag on your work. These are tags you can code your audios with. They ensure that even if people share your work with their friends (which is increasingly likely to happen ), the end user knows who you are!

Use every part of the audio “real estate.” Most CDs are 70 minutes in length. If your interview lasts 50 minutes, fill the space. I like to surprise the listeners of my CDs by announcing: “Here’s an unexpected bonus for the last 20 minutes of this CD.” These bonus interviews are particularly powerful marketing tools. They also allow for further opportunities for promotion.

Finally, thank people for listening. Not only does it make them feel like their time was valued, it also makes them feel good about you – increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue their relationship with your business.

So that’s it.

It’s possible for customers to hear your audio interviews without ticking all of these boxes.

But, if you want to increase the chances that they purchase from you, you’d be crazy not to do them all.

Source by Michael Senoff


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