REVIEW: Audio Research LS28SE preamplifier

Steve was gobsmacked by the Audio Research LS28SE preamp. More info here,

The Audio Research book!
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Steve’s System:

SME 15 turntable
SME V tonearm
My Sonic Lab Eminent EX cartridge
Van Den Hul Grail phono preamp

Jay’s Audio CD Transport
Denafrips Terminator DAC
Denafrips Ares DAC
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
Border Patrol DAC
Oppo BDP 105 Blu ray player

Pass Labs XP30 preamp
Pass Labs HPA 1 preamp/headphone amp
Pass Labs XA25 power amp
Pass Labs XA100.5 power amp
First Watt J2 power amp
First Watt F7 power amp

First Watt SIT3 power amp
Amp Camp Amp Stereo
Schiit Aegir power amp
Mytek Brooklyn Amp+
Decware Zen Triode power amp
Denon PMA600NE integrated amp

Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers
KEF LS50 speakers
KEF LS50 Meta speakers
Q Acoustics 3030i speakers
Emotiva B1+ speakers
Adam Audio F5 desktop speakers

AudioQuest digital cables
Kimber digital cable
Cardas interconnect cables
JPS Labs interconnects
Nordost speaker cables
AudioQuest power cables


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