Replaceable Car Stereo Components for a Better Audio Experience

Having an audio system in your car gives an enjoyable driving experience provided you have the right set of components. If you miss any of the components or find the system working sub-optimally, check for better components for replacement.

Most of us waste our time fixing the existing components right, but it is best advised for you to opt for replaceable car stereo components, which not only assure better audio experience but also a problem-free audio experience.

Below is the list of replaceable car stereo components that enhance your driving as well as audio experience in your journeys.

Head unit (HU)

The head unit is the most vital part of a car audio system. The HU controls the volume and the other audio sources in the car. A CD/DVD player is affixed with the HU. These days, HUs with MP3 compatibility are also available. These have great functionality in making you enjoy music better. You can use your iPod with the HU and can play music. Further, you can even connect your Bluetooth to the HU and play music that you are currently playing in your smartphone.


An amplifier multiplies the sound produced by the system, thus, giving you a powerful music experience. While purchasing an amplifier, make sure that you prefer a high quality product, so as to get higher output. Further, you can connect as many speakers as the number of channels the amplifier has. Some HUs come with built-in amplifiers, ruling out the need to have a separate amplifier.

Main speakers

Speakers are the center to the stereo system as they are the main devices responsible for the music to be heard by you. Thus, while opting for speakers, go for the ones with higher frequency.

Speakers are available in two types – coaxial and component. While the former has two units, namely, the low frequency and high frequency units, made into one physical frame, the latter has an additional part – the crossover. Component speakers give better quality output, but are costlier.


Sub-woofers change the qualitative feature of the sound output of the system. Thus, if you wish to get booming sound, you need a sub-woofer. This device is to be sealed in a good quality wooden box that is to be kept in the back trunk of your car.


Don’t opt for cheap wires while choosing wires for your car audio system, opt for the ones made by a reputed company. Cheap wires not only affect the quality of sound, but also make the headlights dim when the music is played at high volume, as the car’s battery is connected to HU, which is then connected through wires to amplifier and speakers.

Generally, the amplifiers are located in the trunk of the vehicle and the HUs in the dash of the vehicle, hence, you need a connecting wire whose length is equal to the length of the car. As the signals made by the HU are not strong, they cause typical noise. To play music alone, you should opt for a good quality connecting wire.

Professional installation recommended

It is always better to go for professional installation of your car audio system, as certified professionals can enable safe connections for your audio components and are also good at right placement of these components. And further, if you find any component functioning sub-optimally, you need to seek the help of a professional.

However, in any case do not do the work yourself, nor get it done by an ordinary mechanic who may cause serious damage to the audio system as well as the vehicle. Hence, you are strongly advised to get it done by a certified professional only.

Car audio system is a worth spend. If you have a good one, it makes your driving more enjoyable; beats solitude and boredom. It is not just sound, it soothes your mood while driving. Thus, check for these qualities in your system and take an appropriate decision.

Source by Nate Rodnay

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