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Because we have used traditional radio so much, we’ve come to accept its limitations like:

  • Reception of poor quality
  • Feeble signal
  • Frequent advertisements
  • Frequent interruption
  • Limited number of stations,

We no longer have to deal with these limitations thanks to the advent of Internet radio. Online radio has superior features. It offers better sound quality with fewer extraneous sounds and requires less installation. This radio’s advanced features are causing a rapid rise in popularity worldwide. Traditional radio is slowly but surely losing its appeal.

In 2007, a survey on online radio usage revealed that nearly fifty-seven millions people listened to Internet radio programs in the US. These numbers confirm the huge growth in popularity of online radio, with millions of people switching to it from all over the globe. This radio’s popularity is due to its innovative features and the interesting programs that cater to the listeners.

Below is a description of some of the unique features offered by the Internet radio:

Sound quality is of the highest standard

Listening to music is a pleasure, and you would agree that clarity is one of the most important factors. It is really irritating to listen to poor quality music that interrupts the rhythm. One of the most common features of traditional radio is its poor quality sound. This is mainly due to long transmission times, weak frequencies and frequent interruptions. These problems are solved by Internet radio which uses modern equipments to amplify sound without affecting its quality, regardless of distance or other factors.

There are very few ads

Online radio broadcasts less ads than traditional radio. There are also Internet radios that don’t release ads at all. This is a great feature that attracts many listeners to online radio. People enjoy listening to their favorite programs and music without interruptions.

Listening options

Online radio is becoming increasingly popular due to its wide range of programs it offers. Online radio stations can keep track of your favorite song, replay it more often for you, and even allow you to select other songs that suit your tastes. You can also listen to the latest albums from your favorite pop artists as soon as they become available.


Internet radio has a wider range of stations than traditional radio, which can be frustrating for listeners. You can listen to any type of music, including the classic 80’s hits and the latest trendsetters like hip-hop and pop. Even electronic music may be available to you without any restrictions.

Faster turnaround

Listening to traditional radio takes more time because it must be tuned. Online radio allows you to instantly access your favorite songs thanks to the modern equipment and latest technology used by online radios.

Source by Karina Popa

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