Most common vision problems – Audio Blog Podcast – Episode 1

The Most common vision problems represents the first Audio Blog Podcast from a collection dedicated to patients with Low vision, also called patients with visual impairment. These audio blogs were created by Dr Narcisa Ianopol on the website Eye Story with Narcisa on which you can find more information.

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This collection of Audio Blogs will cover topics from the chapter “Most common vision problems”.


00:00 Intro
00:10 Who is Dr Narcisa Ianopol?
00:25 What is the aim of todays 1st Episode?
00:38 The theme of the first collection of blogs – audio blogs – podcasts
01:07 the goal of the blogs – audio blogs
01:33 The publications are not medical advice for patients
02:41 These publications are not a model for healthcare or medical education providers
03:31 List of covered topics
03:41 The 10 steps for understanding the Age related macular degeneration
03:49 The 10 facts about diabetic retinopathy
03:56 The 12 vision problems that should take you to an eye specialist
04:04 the 10 most important facts about Retinal vein occlusion
04:11 The 10 basic facts to manage glaucoma
04:18 The 10 good-to-know things about intraocular injections
04:31 What do we know about idiopathic intracranial hypertension?
04:38 The 5 simple steps for understanding the cataract
04:44 The 7 basic things about glasses – from simple glasses for reading to complex Low vision aids
04:53 The 10 basic info about optic neuropathy

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