In Depth Study of Car Audio Systems

Car audio consists of units which are used in the basic factory sound systems and have small, in-built amplifiers which are meant to power the speakers. The car stereo systems use powerful amplifiers with separate head units which can power speakers and get you better sound quality.

An amplifier is present inside the car, and are used in an OEM sound system with head unit and speakers. The amplifiers are on of their important components that help to give both power and volume to car tunes, and also play an important role in the car music. Without using car amplifier, a high-quality music reproduction can never be experienced inside it.

An amplifier boosts low-level audio signals which are produced by head unit which successfully moves speaker cones within the system and produce sound. Before this signal can be amplified, it needs to be processed by any preamplifier or “preamp.”

Any car audio system needs to have one pre-amplifier wherein the signal is processed before amplification. This simply takes raw signals from head unit sources, such as radio tuner and then sends it to low-level output to amplifier.

The pre-amplifier consists of bass, treble and equalization tone controls which manipulate audio signal and adjust sound. They do have a crossover circuitry which divides audio signal and feds it to amplifier then into separate frequencies. The crossover directs specific frequencies which are then later reproduced by specialized speakers, such as woofers and tweeters.

The car audio systems use two types of crossover. An active crossover or a preamp component that can divide full range line signal that too before amplification which can then handle specific speaker ranges. Whereas a passive crossover usually accepts an audio signal after it’s amplified and puts off frequencies for specific speakers.

Passive crossovers are present on 2-way speaker and are mounted on a single frame.

It’s simply 2 way 8 by 9 inch speaker found in audio systems that too with large midranges and small tweeters. Here in this case, an audio signal passes through small passive crossover that can easily separate frequencies between these two speakers.

There is one problem, the use of passive crossovers leads to power loss that too by reducing many frequencies. It is for this reason that car amplifiers are integrated with active crossover circuitry. It hence allows amplifier channels to be specialized for certain specific speakers and hence help them to operate more efficiently.

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