Ideas for Making Audio Information Products

You can boost both the sales of products from your website and the traffic that your website receives by putting audio recordings in your information products. You will be able to gain the trust of your customers and thus build good working relationships with them simply by allowing them to hear your voice. Instead of being some online stranger, you will become a familiar voice to them.

For many people, downloading a digital product is a great modern convenience that certainly beats out having to wait for a physical product to arrive at their home in the mail. You can take advantage of this desire for instant gratification downloading by adding audio recordings to the information products you sell by means of your website.

You could link an MP3 of your audio recording to your webpage or upload directly to your website so that visitors can download your recorded audio clips in this way. If you choose the MP3 route, your customers will be able to put your recording on a CD or their MP3 player and take it with them wherever they want.

Using a simple service like Audio Acrobat ( is one of the many easy ways to record audio clips. This service, which charges twenty dollars each month, gives you a phone number to call and then records what you say over the phone. Internet microphones and webcams can also be utilized.

The Audio Acrobat service makes audio publishing quite an easy process. You can stream your recorded audio on your website by inserting some HTML code. Customers can also download your audio if you place an additional link on the page, which will allow them to listen to it however they want, whenever they want.

Podcasting, a popular new practice that is similar to blogging, is also easy to do with Audio Acrobat. Podcasts, which broadcast a voice instead of just words, can be made on any imaginable topic. RSS feeds, which Audio Acrobat can handle, allow listeners to download podcasts. iTunes integration is also made possible with Audio Acrobat so that podcasts auto-load into iTunes.

Podcasts do not require that someone have iTunes or an iPod, however. Podcasts can be listened to over the Internet or on pretty well any MP3 player.

Audacity ( is another audio recording option. This is a free recording software that uses an internet microphone and allows you to edit and mix the recorded sounds.

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