How To Publish An Audiobook – How To Publish on Audible

This Video will teach you How To Publish An Audiobook with ACX – ACX only works for US – per their website, it says “At this time, this option is open only to residents of the United States who have a US mailing address, a valid US Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and have or can submit Form W9.”

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Have you ever wanted to turn your book into an audiobook but aren’t sure how to do it, what tools to use or how royalties work? We’re going to answer all of those questions and more for you today.

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0:12 1 | Create an ACX Account
0:34 NOTE: Make sure to use your Amazon Author Account
0:48 2 | Enter your Bank + Tax information
1:06 3 | Click Add Your Title to claim audio rights to your Amazon books
1:44 4 | Find your book in the Rights Not Posted tab
1:50 5 | Click Edit The Title Description
2:00 6 | Choose your book category
2:05 7 | Specify narrator details
2:23 8 | Additional Comments are meant to help narrators self-select themselves for your book – be personable + nice here
2:34 9 | Upload a Word Document – 1.5 pages max
2:50 Narrators always prefer Word documents over PDFs
3:33 10 | Specify your Word Count
4:08 11 | Choose how to pay your narrator – This also explains how Audible Royalties work
4:44 12 | Choose your type of distribution
5:21 13 | Wait for Auditions + Make an Offer To Your Favorite Narrator
6:01 14 | Ensure your narrator can meet your due dates before signing the offer
6:51 What does Rights Not Posted mean?
7:03 What is in the Completed Tab?
7:15 15 | Enroll in an Audible Program
7:29 What happens after you sign a narrator?
7:46 16 | Ensure your email is updated & you are checking it regularly
8:24 My $400 Audible Mistake
8:45 17 | Create a new Audible Book Cover


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