How To Make ANY Microphone Sound BETTER For Twitch!

You don’t need crazy expensive equipment to sound like the pros, it may help but at the end of the day just understanding how to the basics can go along way to make any microphone sound pro for your Twitch Stream!

Today we are covering levelling your audio, mixing your game and microphone so they aren’t clashing, and most importantly how to add my three favourite filters to your microphone to make you sound perfect!

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Understanding audio is crucial to becoming a content creator on Twitch, and it’s also one of the biggest barriers because people can’t tell when it is bad, or if they can they don’t know how to fix it.

Before I became an online Content Creator and Streamer, I was in the film industry for over six years, and audio was always something that stumped people despite it being really easy once you get the basics of it down.

Today I am going to help you get set up and sound like a pro on your stream.


0:00 Video Start!
0:20 Introduction
1:20 How To Pick A Microphone For Streaming
2:35 How To Turn On Monitoring For Streamlabs OBS
3:13 How To Position Your Microphone
4:45 How To Adjust My Microphone Volume on my computer
5:25 How To Adjust My Microphone in Streamlabs OBS
6:15 Free Animated Twitch Overlays
7:00 How To Set Up Filters In Streamlabs OBS
7:20 How To Set Up Noise Suppression in Streamlabs OBS
9:17 How To Set Up A Limiter Filter in Streamlabs OBS
10:10 How To Set Up Noise Gate Filter In Streamlabs OBS
12:00 How To Mix Your Streamlabs Audio

To truly make your microphone sound amazing, you’re going to want to learn to use filters in your broadcast software. Now all three of these filters exist in slobs and obs, I’d recommend using them almost all the time, They are Noise Suppression, A limiter, and a Noise gate.

The style of this video is similar to Alpha Gaming and Gaming Careers in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Wild4games and Nutty.

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