How Long Should Your Audio Interview Be?

What length should an interview take? The interview should not exceed the required time to complete the job. My interviews last between thirty and ninety minutes. They will usually fall between one hour and an hour after being edited. The more you tell, you will sell more.

You’ve probably heard it said that a two-page letter is more effective than a one-page letter. A four-page letter will sell better than a two-page letter. A four-page letter will be outsold by an eight-page one, and so on.

People who are passionate about something can’t stop talking about it. If we were to do an interview about copywriting that lasted four hours, I would probably listen to it all.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. The great thing about audio interviews, however, is that the more content you have the greater the value of your product. You might have an eBook that sells for $20 and is focused on cleaning the home. If you increase its value to $3000, it could be worth more. Interview ten cleaning professionals across the country.

Interviews. Give the interviews. Place them on CDs. The transcripts can be given. You can offer the transcripts and get world-class experts who have made millions in the cleaning industry.

It’s easy to give valuable information, make them an expert, and then put the interview in front of the people who are interested. YouTube is in high demand. iTunes is in high demand. All social media sites are in demand. Each of these sites has its own search box, so millions of people can search for various things.

Your interview, your knowledge, and your expertise are what people are looking for. This is where you need to get your information out there. You have to either be found by them or strategically position yourself before that demand. This is what it’s all about.

You have a great opportunity to get your sales message across to the right people by having it recorded as an audio interview.

Source By Michael Senoff

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