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DIY Audio for Beginners from DIY Audio Blog

Introduction to DIY Audio Blog, a repository of DIY audio projects for beginners, including lots of tube amps, tube preamps, tube headphone amps, and some solid state stuff too. Also lots of headphones and headphone related gear for headfi enthusiasts,…

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Ep64 – Audio Blog – The Thieves of Joy

Source: In this audio blog episode of The Dynamic Thriving Podcast, I am offering the security system to protect ourselves from the thieves of joy! What steals your joy? How do we protect our joy from thieves that come in…

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Remble – Audible (feat. B.A.) [Official Video]

The official video for Remble’s “Audible (feat. B.A.)” off his latest project “It’s Remble” out now: Follow Remble: #ItsRemble Lyrics I don’t think you can get your point across with a high point He thought it was a game so…

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