Carrying Out the Best Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing is an important venture and to be able to carry it out, you need to be accredited by the relevant body. When such testing is carried out, you should be provided with reports that can be submitted to the building control officer. There are parts of the world that require sound testing and state that it has to be carried out in all the new conversions or new building dwellings which create some two adjoining dwellings with floors or separating walls. To make sure that your project goes as smoothly as you want, you should get the sound insulation testing done so as to meet with all the laid out procedures.

What it is

Sound testing is usually carried you so as to make sure that the development actually demonstrates very acceptable airborne as well as impact sound insulation levels as required by the law. So as to make sure that the building remains compliant, you need to do pre-completion testing or to use robust details as you build.

Things that can be tested

It is advisable that you carry out the testing early enough to ensure that you do pass. The walls and the floors that are used for separation are tested so as to determine their amount within the development. This depends on the type and quantity of the dwellings as well as construction method being used for each and every partition.

In case the construction of the separating partition is quite similar and the dwellings are below 10, then the set of sound test will include:

2 impact floor tests

2 airborne floor tests and

2 airborne wall tests

The testing amount can be increased or even reduced. It will all depend on the quantity and type of the dwelling in question. When the development is some terraced houses that are identical for example, you require a single set of the sound tests that comprise the airborne wall tests.

When is a building ready for testing?

Before the sound testing is carried out, there is a need to make sure that the building has been completed so as to get the best performance. There is a criterion that can be followed so as to make sure that you have the best chance of passing that sound test and they are:

  • Having ventilation systems installed and well closed
  • Make sure that the external doors and the windows are also installed, closed and even glazed.
  • Have the light switches, the electrical sockets. And the skirting boards all fitted
  • Complete the ceilings the floors and the walls
  • Hung all the interval doors
  • Don’t have noisy operations around the property as its being tested
  • You should have access to the two sides of the partition as they are being tested
  • Don’t have any trades working within the dwelling as the tests go on.
  • Make sure the rooms where you have testing are tidy and empty
  • So as to test the impact sound, you shouldn’t have any kind of cosmetic flooring in place
  • You should have the power of around 240v or 50 HZ in the dwelling.

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