Can A Podcast Be Visual or Is It Audio Only?

One of the purposes of your podcast is to deliver information and build a listening audience that follows you.

You can do a podcast one time and stop and think you will have a loyal audience. It takes consistency. At the same time, if you use audio only, you are “just a voice” speaking to them.

People are visual by nature. From the time we are born, we are looking at things. Think about a new-born baby, they stare at everything! Right? But as we grow older, we tend to ignore things around us. Why? Because they are familiar to us.

As we mature, we tend to focus on things that only interest us. These are the things that hold our attention.

Advertisers understand this explicitly. They know 90% of the people ignore their commercials. But they run them anyway. Usually about every six or seven minutes in a television program. Why would they do this knowing people ignore them.

Because the subconscious mind is still taking in the commercial. Our minds are registering what is being SAID (even though we are not watching the video portion). This is establishing familiarity with the product in our minds.

Then, when we do watch the commercial and see the video portion, we connect the two aspects together. The sound portion has been running around in our minds and now we see the video aspect. Our minds connect the two together and the company has succeeded in their endeavor to be permanently in our minds and thoughts concerning their product.

Think about these next couple of examples and you will see what I mean…

“Good to the last drop… ” Who or what are you thinking of?

“Can you hear me now?” Who or what are you thinking of?

“Finger Licking Good” Who or what are you thinking of?

The first one is, of course, “Maxwell House Coffee.” If you grew up in my day, that was the major brand of coffee you would find in almost everyone’s home.

The next, is the guy for Verizon walking in remote places, taking a few steps and saying this famous line.

And the last one is one of my favorites, “Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

All of these brands successfully used audio to implant the thought and then video to cement the thought into the public’s mind.

You need to connect your podcast with your brand (whatever brand you are establishing). If you fail to connect your brand with your intended audience, you will not grow. There are various ways of accomplishing this, but social media is currently the cheapest way to start.

But, if you want to be honest in your assessment, social media is designed for visual ques, not audio cues. Why do you think social media platforms, by design, mute all the video on every post. Because they are relying on your video to catch the attention of those that are interested in watching and listening to your presentation. You must physically un-mute the video to listen.

How many videos have you just skimmed past because nothing caught your attention?

My recommendation is to create short videos that focus on one point. Take this video as an example. It would be easy for me to drag this out into a 30 minute teaching. (Don’t worry – I won’t). Shorter is better.

You make your point. You viewers get the point. Now, you and they move on to other things.

But, like the commercials we referenced above, if you successfully brand your podcast, whether video or audio, and repeat it over and over – eventually, your brand will be subconsciously stuck in the minds of your intended audience.

That is just one step in developing a loyal audience.

Source by Robert Thibodeau

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