Benefits Of A Professionally Installed Home Theater Surround Sound System

Nothing provides an immersive aural treat better than a high-performance digital surround sound system. Ever since home theater packages have been available in the consumer market, they have proved to be a great addition to home entertainment systems.

Often, they are part of a home theater which has been fitted by the end user itself. However, if you’re a beginner when it comes to AV technology, there are chances you may not follow the right guidelines during installation. This improper setup can lead to performance issues and even long-term damages to precious audio and video equipment.

A professionally installed sound system can deliver amazing results even from an entry-level sound system. The extra amount spent on a professional surround sound installation delivers its value in the long run.

Optimum speaker placement

Another mistake which end-users can make is the wrong placement and positioning of the speakers. The surround sound experience can be hampered if speakers aren’t placed the way they are supposed to be. It is quite common to see people with couches pushed back against the wall and the speakers lined up right in front. Wrong speaker placement is the bane of self-guided surround speaker installations.

It is worthwhile to remember that the whole idea of surround sound is to create an environment where you have an immersive soundscape to match the onscreen visuals. AV professionals know the best way to place the speakers, keeping in mind the acoustics of the room. Many professionals also guide you during the entire installation process, ensuring you get the most of your system.

Installation can be complicated

Depending on the size and model of the system you buy, the installation process can be complicated. The out-of-the-box systems may seem simple, however, the actual integration process can have several challenges. There are numerous technical considerations involved while installing a surround sound in a room.

Although many systems have detailed instruction manuals and installation diagrams, we’re all aware that most of us don’t even go through them. Connecting wires between the speakers and different sources can be tricky. Handling these problems may be difficult for a person with little or no technical knowledge about the ins and outs of surround sound installations.

Maintaining signal integrity

A common occurrence many rookies may not be aware of is static interference or hum. Improper wiring or power supply sources can cause interference in your speakers. This interference leads to severe signal degradation. Furthermore, static or unwanted frequency buzzing can damage delicate equipment, especially speaker cones.

The chances of interference are high as there are more than 4 speakers with significantly long cable runs. Any interference in the system can ruin the sound experience. This is where a professional AV installer comes in. They are well-equipped to deal with such challenges and remove any avenues for interference. It is the professional’s job to ensure optimum utilisation of the available equipment.

Future assistance

In most cases, a professionally integrated sound system comes with a guarantee or warranty for a period of 6 months to a year. As an end user, you get the privilege and convenience to call your technician should you face any problems with your speaker system. In many ways, this gives you some assurance for the future in the sense that the professionals are accountable for the quality of installation. As it is a paid service, you can only expect the best, no? This offers complete peace of mind in the long run.

These are some of the benefits of having your surround sound system professionally installed. As you spend your hard-earned money on buying a system, it makes a sense to spending a little more and getting a great sounding surround or home theater system of your dreams.

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