7 Audio Interfaces for $100

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🔥What about cables:
1. Check Sweetwater prices
2. Focusrite Scarlett Solo (Zzounds)
Focusrite Scarlett Solo (Amazon paid link)
3. M-Audio Air 192|4 (Sweetwater)
M-Audio Air 192|4 (Amazon paid link)
4. Komplete Audio 1 (Zzounds)
Komplete Audio 1 (International)
5. Presonus AUDIOBOX 96 (Zzounds)
Presonus AUDIOBOX 96 (Amazon paid link)
6. Tascam US 1×2 (Zzounds)
Tascam US 1×2 (Amazon paid link)
7. Behringer UMC22 (Zzounds)
Behringer UMC22 (Amazon paid link)
8. Steinberg UR12 (Zzounds)
Steinberg UR12 (Amazon paid link)
🔥The best headphones ever (Amazon paid link)
🔥The best headphones ever (Sweetwater)

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0:00 This comparison
0:53 Common features
2:29 M-Audio
3:20 Native Instruments
4:25 Tascam
6:10 Presonus
7:29 Behringer
8:50 Focusrite
10:00 Steinberg
10:38 Recommendations
12:00 Sample vocals and guitars

In this video I compare the top 7 budget audio interfaces out there! I test the sound quality, microphone recordings, interface, knobs, usability, guitar records, headphone level, and included software. These are the best audio interfaces for 100 dollars right now. And one of them is under $60! Wow! And you can use this with Windows and Mac. These audio interfaces are the best selling and best quality for the price. Interfaces in the M-Audio, Native iNstruments, Tascam, Presonus, Behringer, Focusrite and Steinberg.

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