Power Poem – Tree Consciousness

If we were trees

We would be completely grounded into Earth

Our roots firmly implanted into our Mother’s soil

Nourishing ourselves with her nutrients and only taking that which is needed

If we were trees

We would long to absorb Father Sun’s rays

Unselfishly utilizing his vitamins and healing resources

Stretching our arms out higher and higher to grow closer to him

Accepting his sunrays as a focal point to help direct and guide us

If we were trees

We would have a unified connection with Mother Gaia

Our dance would be the never-ending sway of our branches in her wind

Our song would be the frolic of our leaves in her breeze

Our voice would be telepathic and only audible for those connected to her in Love

If we were trees

We would sit in silence, meditating on our surroundings

Listening to the songs of birds, the wings of butterflies, the whispers of the wind

Absorbing and integrating their stories and teachings

Appreciating the life of all existence and conscious of The One in All

If we were trees

We would gladly bestow our branches for homes to many

Joyously sharing our life and love to benefit All

Gaining knowledge from one another and Unconditionally giving of ourselves

If we were trees

We would be Universal Spiritual Beings

On a quest to become Unconditional Loving Sparks of The Source

Completely connected to All That Is

Offering, Sharing, Loving, Rising, Limitless, Miraculous

Masters of Light and Love

To you and your inner self

Source by Agustin C

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