Three Situations When Facebook Advertising Flops

Say the statement above in a social media marketing conference and expect audible gasps and confused faces. With 955 million active users and the buzz it constantly generates, there’s no way that Facebook, the social network messiah, can fail as an advertising medium, right?


Almost every social media agency will have Facebook advertising as one of its core services, however, experienced and truthful social media professionals should be able to identify when Facebook, despite all the impressive statistics, won’t just cut it. Here are five of them:

1. Selling an Off-the-Shelf Product

Some of the most successful businesses in Facebook are niche, exotic and unusual products. Novelty is key to get orders from this social media site. For example, there’s a mask maker in the Philippines who started selling customized masks on the site and now, she has a steady base of local and international clientele. The key factor to her success: you cannot find a customized mask in Macy’s or any department store for that matter. If you don’t have something new to offer, you might want to ask a social media agency what other routes you can take.

2. Business to Business Marketing

B2B advertising doesn’t usually work on Facebook. Let’s face it. While information spread from one to millions in a matter of minutes, the credibility of what is being shared is considered doubtful unless proven otherwise. B2B messages will thrive in a more tempered social media environment such as LinkedIn. Further, the audience of Facebook is too broad for such a targeted audience. Again, ask a social media marketing company what other digital platforms you can advertise on.

3. Technical Products and Services

Tidbits of content shared on Facebook – whether news, games, apps, links, photos, videos, etc. – have a common denominator: they should be interesting. There’s another caveat. You should be able to appear interesting in the least number of words possible. If you’re selling a medical imaging apparatus which utilizes the magnetic properties of atoms and radio frequency, then you should rethink using Facebook for advertising. Rule of thumb: if it will take you several paragraphs to make your point and why people should buy your products or avail of your services, Facebook advertising will just spell disaster.

Facebook is Not Everything

Not being able to advertise on Facebook is not the end of your SMM campaign. Being seen by millions of people means nothing if you’re talking to the wrong audience and not generating any lead or sale from your investment. In the world of online advertising, there’s a space for everyone and Facebook does not always fit the role.

In cases when Facebook flops, consulting with a social media agency will be very helpful in getting expert advice on what other social network channels you can use to push your business.

Source by Andrew B Branson

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