How to Stop Mumbling Quickly

There are a number of ways to learn how to stop mumbling quickly and effectively. Usually, the vocal phenomenon known as mumbling occurs whenever your audible sounds known as “voice” are too low in tone and also indistinct. Because of this, most listeners have difficulty making out what is being said on the part of the person who is speaking too low and indistinctly.

If you have a habit of mumbling frequently, chances are high that those trying to listen to you will be unable to do so effectively. However, there are steps that can be taken to end this habit. For one, you can always practice speaking aloud even if no one is there to hear you speak. Additionally, practice reading aloud in a crisp, clear voice. The idea is to inculcate good speech habits.

Those who are just starting out trying to eliminate their mumbling habit should practice thinking about what they’re going to say before they say it. This act of forming sentences in your mind before speaking them is a very effective tool that will create the habit of speaking loudly and clearly in a tone that others will be able to readily understand.

You should also practice vocabulary building. This can be done by taking a dictionary and then looking up words you may have difficulty speaking. Practice pronouncing them several times and then placing those words into a sentence that you will repeat on occasion in order to fix the word firmly in your mind. It never hurts to take a community college speech class, either.

For those with a light mumbling problem, they may wish to consider signing up for a few singing lessons. This may seem strange, but a good vocal coach can help identify hiccups or hesitation in speech patterns and then design speaking and singing exercises that will eliminate the problem over time. There are also several good exercises for speech that are available online. Seek them out.

How to stop mumbling quickly comes down to paying attention to your enunciation and thinking about what you’re going to say before you vocalize it. There really isn’t anything too difficult when it comes to stopping something like mumbling, and for those who have a serious speech impediment it might be advisable to seek out a qualified speech therapist.

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