Vibrating Alarm Clocks – What Are the Benefits?

As anyone who routinely has to keep appointments can tell you, a standard alarm clock is a lifesaving device, allowing you to wake up on time to prepare yourself and get ready for what ever events you need to get to buy certain time. It is highly unlikely for a person to wake up at a specific time on their own, thus needing a device which can jolt them out of bed and put them into a mode to get ready for work, school, or whenever a oust the need to attend two.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are people who were unaffected by a standard audible alarm, and they will sleep through it and become late for their appointments. This will often be a result of someone being a very heavy sleeper, and sleeping through the alarm, no matter how loud or annoying it is. Oftentimes, even when people aren’t very heavy sleepers, they will simply be in a daze and hit the alarm button and turn it off, falling right back to sleep and becoming late for their appointments. In addition to these factors, certain people may have hearing disabilities and not be able to hear anything at all, no matter how loud it is.

If you are afflicted by any of the aforementioned problems, then a vibrating alarm clock is something you should definitely consider looking into. They are able to wake you up without the annoyance of an audible alarm, instead vibrating underneath your pillow until you are awake. You will not have to worry about waking up the people around you with the blaring alarm of a standard alarm clock, instead the vibrating will only wake up the person who was sleeping above it, you. This is a great alternative to a regular alarm clock as you will not simply be able to hit the button and go right back to sleep. Instead, you’ll have to reach under your pillow and fiddle with it, allowing you enough time to wake up completely and stop the vibration.

Another excellent perk to a vibrating alarm clock is the fact that they are small enough to fit under your pillow without causing discomfort to your head. One should never even know that there is an alarm clock under their pillow until it is time for them to get up and they feel the vibration from it. There are many different shapes and sizes that your alarm clock in come in, allowing you to customize the product in many ways that other clocks cannot, giving you the best fit possible.

Source by Vivian Alan Cook

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