Stress Is Anywhere, Anytime

Stress is everywhere and is in anything that we face in our daily lives. But that doesn’t mean that life is miserable because of stress. It still depends on how you handle stress and how you cope up with the situation that is stressing you out.

There are two types of stress: good and bad. Stress becomes bad if you let it consume you. When you cannot do what you are supposed to do because of stress. But, stress becomes good when it makes you thrive harder and it helps you achieve your goal.

The top reason why people get depressed and stressed is because of work and then followed by relationship.

Whatever your work is, you will once in a while get so stressed that you probably might think of resigning. But that doesn’t necessarily is the way to cope up with it, because truth is, wherever you go stress will follow you.

Eric Jodoin, in his “Stress Management in the Workplace Identification and Coping Mechanisms”, mentioned the four types of stress that is taking place when you are a worker.

1. Time Stress

Getting stress because you have so many workloads coming in and yet you still have a bunch of task to complete. You are so focused on the ticking of the clock to meet your deadline, you even do overtime and bring the tasks at home. You will have not enough sleep which will even make you more anxious and productive which again, will stress you.

2. Anticipatory Stress

It is about the stress for thinking too much of what’s ahead of you. Probably, a promotion is opt for you and all your mind is in there that you forget what is your current responsibility in your present position.

3. Situational Stress

When your company is in the brink of closing and you don’t know if you can easily land into a new job. Or, you are demoted because of inefficiency in your performance. Even a simple call from the director because of a mistake is already enough to stress you out.

4. Encounter Stress

To better understand this, we can liken this type of stress to stage fright. The thought of talking (or presenting) to other people, probably client or the big bosses in your company is stressing you. Of course, who wouldn’t be? They are the owner of the company you are working for, a mistake can be equated to firing you.

It is important to know the roots of your stress and what causes you to be anxious. That will be the only way for you to know how to cope up with it. You cannot solve a problem without knowing what the problem is. Stress, anxiety, and depression may just come like small issues but they can cause big NEGATIVE effects. There are signs for you to know on how to know if you have anxiety, acknowledging these signs would be the first step in distressing yourself.

Source by Gill I Sugapong

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