What to Tell Your Interview Guest to Expect Before the Interview

Your experts expect you to act like an professional. You’ll need to tell them exactly how the interview is going to take place.

This is how I handle it. You’ll explain that you will call them by phone. You tell them that you need them to be on a hard wired phone. You do not want them talking from a cell or cordless phone. You explain that you need one hour for the interview.

You explain that you do not want any interruptions. You tell them that you will record the interview. You relax them by telling them that it’s just you and I talking. Tell them that you will retain all rights to the audio interview but after the interview is done, you will provide you a copy for them to review. Then tell them that once the editing is complete you will publish the interview on your website.

All of this is negotiable. Most people understand that when someone does an interview with you, they get to promote their book they talk about their website. It’s important that you take control and set the criteria and the ground rules for the interview.

Take charge and have the confidence because you’re the boss and they will follow and do whatever you say. I called it the attitude. If you’re doing them the favor, you need to have the attitude. You’re doing them the favor, interviewing them, not the other way around.

That all comes with you’re confidence. And so, if you don’t have the confidence, just act like you do, even if you don’t.

Source by Michael Senoff

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